Difference between ATH Flame retardant and MDH Flame retardant

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ATH Flame retardant MDH Flame retardant
Effects for Final product
Price价格 Lower higher  
Initial dehydration temperature
200℃~230℃ 340℃ ATH is easier to dehydrate, MDH is good for high temperature thermoplastics with better flame retardant effect.
fire retardant effects
1.Final product with MDH can bear higher processing temperature ,improving the production speed
particle size
MDH is more softer with lower abrasion, prolong working life of production machine.
For Pulp material
  MDH is suitable for pulp material because of its non precipitation, Non-cohesive and  good liquidity  
Smoke suppression
  MDH has better Smoke suppression than ATH  
Heat absorption capacity
  Heat absorption capacity for MDH flame retardant is 44.8KJ/mol. while ATH flame retardant is about 37KJ/mol
MDH is better than ATH with better flame retardant effect
neutralization ability for acid
  MDH With stronger neutralization ability with  SO2、NOx、CO2  


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