key advantage of Magnesium Hydroxide (MDH) than alumina trihydrate (ATH)

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Magnesium hydroxide (MDH) products are flame retardants and smoke suppressants when  higher processing temperatures are necessary.

MDH flame retardant is able to work in the higher temperatures when alumina trihydrate (ATH) leaves off.   While functioning in the exact same manner as ATH, there is one key advantage: MDH undergoes endothermic decomposition when water is released at 330°C or 626°F.  That means it is thermally stable at temperatures up to 110°C higher than ATH.

so if you  need higher processing temperatures.magnesium hydroxide flame retardant will be your best choice.

Decomposition temperature of ATH and MDH:

ATH + heat  ->  Al2O3 + Water   220ºC       
MDH + heat  ->  MgO  + Water   330ºC

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